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The Times-Picayne's year end book list

"Dog Talk" on NPR

Remembering Dinerral Shavers

Obsessive reading:

Possibly more information than any of us need

The Dog Who Loved Cheerios

It is Christmas Eve in New Orleans....

Radio appearance: "Cat Chat" on Martha Stewart Radio Network

This week: Webinar series with Best Friends

This weekend: Harry Shearer, Judith Owen, Bywater Art Market and..."the people who talk about the people in the park"

I know my blog has become excessively dog centric lately...

Brando, again

Maggie Estep's Mickey

Two trials: Micheal Vick and Tammy Grimes

How to make a gift to the Sula Foundation

Pit Bull Rescue Central Holiday Fundraiser: Signed copies of Dogs I Have Met

No, it's not Brando...

Sula's trip to Memphis

Holiday signings

Sula and I in Memphis, Thursday 11/29

Roxy and PeeWee from "Dogs I Have Met"

NOLAFugees: Life in the Wake

Home for the holidays

Sula screens "An American Opera" at the St. Louis Film Festival

PETA continues to exploit pit bulls

Publishers Weekly on "Dogs I Have Met": "moving and poignant"

Signed copies for the holidays

A return to the KGB Bar

New Fiction: Life in the Wake: Fiction from Post-Katrina New Orleans

Max Golden 3/17/2005-8/27/2007

In German Translation: "Why We Stay" in Neue Rundschau

Pit Bull Stands By Owner In Tanker Crash

Waiting for Godot in the lower ninth

Announcing The Sula Foundation

Video: My interview on "GMA Now"

Thursday: It's a Dog's Life on Martha Stewart Radio

New Orleans DA Eddie Jordan to resign today

That awkward moment just before a first kiss...

Still waiting for mail delivery in New Orleans

More dogs sentenced to death in Ohio

Bestseller lists and reprints

Signed copies now available at

Storming the Northeast this week

Greeting customers at Kiehl's in Chicago

Good morning! It's National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Ellen DeGeneres and Muttgate

The thirteenth printing

From the West to the Midwest

Pawsitively Pit Bull tonight at Powell's

CRITICAL MASS: New Orleans Knows How to Throw a Book Party

Notes from my farewell tour

"48 Hours" airs a piece on New Orleans this Saturday

Live interview today on Wisconsin Public Radio

West Coast Tour Begins This Week

Last night I had a horrible dream...

Here's Dag, from Dag's House

Zephyr & I

Pit Bulls Celebrate in New Orleans

"Ink Q & A" at

ASPCA recommends adoption/sanctuary for 48 out 49 dogs seized from Michael Vick's property

"Well-told, moving stories"--Library Journal

Dogs I Have Met...discounted at Powell'

A Dog Without a Name: Stray fighting dog, Mid-City New Orleans

The Times-Picayune on "Dogs I Have Met"

Sula in love

Another interesting review in translation...

"The Chicago Loop" starring Elizabeth Crane, Megan Stielstra, Julia Kamynz Lane and Anne Calcagno

Another review of The Dogs Who Found Me

Good News in the old the form of cake

A party for pit bulls?

Blogging about Brando

"A fundraiser for the Ninth Ward"

Moving Day

Signed copies, new tour dates, etc

Brindle is Beautiful

The perils of Hills Prescription i/d

Now shipping from Amazon...

Apparently on sale now

So why does it seem like it is only pit bulls that attack?

Pit bull mauling in Texas

Today is my birthday...

At We're all Oprah fodder in New Orleans

Michael Vick's bizarre plea deal

Circle Food Store Reopens

CRITICAL MASS: Thinking about New Orleans #11: Patty Friedmann

Over at Salon: Pit Bulls are Innocent