Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sunday press wrap up; plus upcoming tour dates

The San Francisco Chronicle The San Francisco Chronicle ran a nice review last week, which said, in part: "An absorbing and quirky memoir ...composed of straight narrative, short lists, how-to pointers, "How to Read a Dog" and "How to Lose Your Best Friend" and e-mail correspondence all about dogs, the people who care for them and those who don't. Foster's style is blunt, funny and poignant. He smoothly melds the events of his turbulent life along with the gritty details of rescuing abandoned dogs into a piece that goes to the heart." You can read the rest by clicking the link.

Also last Sunday, The New Orleans Times Picayune ran a piece about my volunteer work at the Louisiana SPCA and particularly my love for a pit bull mix named Ethel, who was in the rehab tent but now has a home. The story is here.

And then, without a single reference to dogs, The Oregonian ran a piece on a new reading series in Portland that was inspired by my work at the KGB Bar a decade ago in NYC. That one is here.

Tour dates coming up:
Sunday April 30th: Jazz Fest from noon-1pm.
May 11: Pinckney Michigan Public Library
May 12-13: Ann Arbor Book Fest
May 16: Square Books, Oxford MS
June1: NBCC Panel of dog literature, NYC
June 2: Boston
June 3: NYC
June 4: Philadelphia

July 12: San Francisco

Press Street's double delivery

Anne and Brad
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Anne Gisleson and Brad Benischek (and new big brother Silas) welcomed baby Otto sometime late last night. I'm guessing around midnight, judging from the voicemails that were waiting when I woke up at one am. I've been joking that Otto's birth would be marked by the entire city with a day of celebration--and I guess it really will, since his future birthdays will always fall around the two weeks of Jazz Fest. What a lucky baby!

But that's not all. Anne and Brad are also the proud parents of Press Street's first publication: Intersection New Orleans, which also just arrived. Intersection pairs 24 New Orleans writers with 24 New Orleans artists at 24 New Orleans intersections. It arrived, in boxes, earlier this week.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ramona and her kittens

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This has been in the news for a while, but here's a photo of Ramona, the Boston area pit bull who adopted a litter of kittens.

Also in the news while I was in Chicago: a pomeranian (is that how it is spelled?) attacked an 80 pound pit bull, latching onto its leg and refusing to release. The pit bill remained calm. The owner of the small dog was charged with failing to prevent a dog bite.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Three weeks after Fresh Air, Amazon finally has stock

I guess those incredibly long shipping estimates were right! Three weeks after the original air date of my Fresh Air interview, Amazon finally has stock to ship in 24 hours. So, go ahead and order The Dogs Who Found Me if you've been waiting. If you are a Books a Million fan, they also finally have the book in stock again too.

Of course, you can also order it through your local bookstore. Or from my friends at Powell's.

Also, I'm putting together summer dates in the following areas: Philly, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago. If you are in or around those areas and have suggestions, fire away.

The Cattiness of Dog People

I've been trying, as much as possible, to do events that either raise funds or show off animals from organizations that are friendly to pit bulls. They don't have to be exclusively pit bulls, but I tend to shy away from any agency or group that claims to be advocating for all animals but secretly excluding dogs with "a certain look."

Unfortunately, each time I do this, I end up on the receiving end of emails from other organizations or individuals, talking trash about the people I'm helping out. Sometimes these come from people who didn't want to be bothered accepting my offer of having their animals or a collection box at my event--but then they change their mind. Sometimes it comes from former volunteers. Nearly always, the emails are comprised of vague accusations and personal attacks against the people in the organization.

I have to point out that I'm not raising money for the people. I'm raising it for the dogs. (And, the cats, too.) But the more I get these emails, the more I wonder if it might be easier to just give up on my goal of using my events to help local groups in the city I'm visiting. Certainly it would be less work on my part, less stress, and easier on my in-box.

For now, I'll just suggest this: If you'd like me to work with your group, write to me and tell me about your group. Don't write and tell me how awful all the others are--that's not going to impress me.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Furry Friends at Quimby's

Furry Friends at Quimby's
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I've been terrible about taking pictures at my events, but after spending an afternoon with Nicky and Edy, I had to get our photo together. They are brother and sister, about two years old, and they are looking for a permanent home together. Currently, they live with the Furry Friends Foundation.

I met them first at my Kiehl's signing, where they busied themselves with greeting all the women who were shopping for eye cream. Then they joined me at Quimby's for my reading with Elizabeth Crane and Megan Stielstra. (Earlier in the day, Megan's dog Mojo joined me on the noon news at WGN.)

And yes, they are pit bulls.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Chicago and Iowa: Quimby's, Kiehl's and Prairie Lights

I'm back on the road again this week, after another nightmarish flight in which the aircraft was on the runway for two hours while they looked for a missing part. I'll be doing some TV and radio in Chicago today (WGN and WBBM-FM if you are in the area) and then signing books at Kiehl's (yes, the skin care people) from 4-6pm, followed by a reading at Quimby's at 7pm with Elizabeth Crane and Megan Stielstra. There will be dogs involved.

Tomorrow I head to Iowa City to read at Prairie Lights, which will also be broadcast on the radio. Then, once again, I get to head home.

I'll post some more later in the week, but here's the latest: Zephyr was a big hit at the Zephyrs game yesterday; The San Francisco Chroncile published a really nice review yesterday; and the Times Picayune ran a column about my commitment to New Orleans and to Ethel, one of the rehab tent dogs who found a home.