Saturday, September 15, 2007

Moving Day

I've had a hard time posting anything interesting on this blog lately, because I've been busy with something I didn't want to make public. But now it is done, so I'll probably be blogging about it non-stop.

Over the summer I bought a house in the Holy Cross neighborhood, and this morning the dogs and I moved in. Moving dogs is a nasty business, even if you are only moving them a mile from where you've been. I had been waiting until most of the work was done on the house before getting the dogs involved. But there were all the usual delays with water in the gas line, mysteriously installed plumbing, etc. And then Thursday there were thunderstorms, so that day was postponed until today. Fortunately, having moved from place to place during the evacuation, I have a system down for packing up the dogs and squeezing them into the car. Unfortunately, having experienced this system too often during the evacuation and revacuation, it makes us all hysterical.

Once we arrived, they tore through the yard for a while, rolled around on their backs in the grass, and had a great time. This was followed by Sula vomiting all over the hard wood floors and Brando squeezing under the house and forgetting how he got under there. Eventually Zephyr and I talked him out.

Signed copies, new tour dates, etc

Some people have been asking where they can get signed copies of the new book, Dogs I Have Met. I'm posting the latest tour dates here, so you can contact one of those stores if you like. Also, if you want one a bit sooner, you can:

Call Faulkner House Books at 504-524-2940

Call Octavia Books at 504-899-7323

You can also pre-order signed copies from (which will be shipped after 10/15).

Here's the tour:
10/3 New Orleans book party with the Hot 8 at Sound Cafe
10/4 Octavia Books, New Orleans
10/11 Borders, West Hollywood
10/12 Booksmith, San Francisco
10/13 Book Passage, Corte Madera
10/13 Books Inc. Alameda
10/14 Capitola Book Cafe
10/15 Powell's, Portland
10/18 Green Bay, WI
10/19 Evanston, IL
10/20 Kiehl's, Chicago, IL
10/20 Quimby's, Chicago, IL
10/22 Garden District Bookshop, New Orleans
10/25 Astor Place Barnes and Noble, New York City
10/26 Barnes and Noble, Paramus
10/27 Two Smiling Dogs, Hamden CT
10/28 Kiehl's, Boston
11/3 Louisiana Book Festival, Baton Rouge
11/4 Maple Street Bookshop, New Orleans
11/15 Prairie Lights, Iowa City
11/16 St. Louis Film Festival

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brindle is Beautiful

Once again, Mr. Brando Foster, originally uploaded by kfoz.

The other night I showed Brando the finished book with his mug on the cover. I wasn't really expecting much of a response, but he stared at it, sniffed at it and wagged his tail. Then I put it down and headed to the front door for our walk. Brando turned around, ran back to the table where the book was resting, and pressed his nose to it again.

I'm glad he's happy. It has been suggested that his photograph is so terrifying we'll have trouble booking any media to support the book. The reaction, I'm told, was "visceral."

Brindle dogs are--I have been told--among the most difficult to adopt out of shelters. People don't want them. The number one most difficult to get a home for is any black dog. I have been told this all across the country. So if we changed Brando into the black coated dog, that wouldn't help.

If he was snow white, however, I'm sure no one would have a problem.