Michael Vick's bizarre plea deal

I've been reading all the accounts of Michael Vick's plea, and while early reports contradicted each other, it would seem that he has admitted to bankrolling the dogfighting operation and to killing the dogs who didn't perform well. But he claims he didn't place any bets himself, nor did he profit from the proceeds of the bets that he bankrolled.

Uh huh.

So, why would he admit to hanging and drowning dogs, but not to gambling?

The NFL has very strict guidelines regarding gambling.


njb said…
I think most of us find a hard time believing anyone would 'bankroll' anything with no expectation of profit.

I hope as part of the plea deal he has to snitch on all the others.

I head DMX got in trouble for this same stuff over the weekend.

It is past time for much tougher animal laws.
tri2run said…
I heard to Roger Godel met with PETA to learn more about dog fighting and the counter-culture surrounding it. Perhaps I'm putting more faith in him than warrented, but it's possible that dog fighting regulations throughout the NFL could come ouf of the meeting. And, to give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was unaware of the pervasiveness of the problem.
Bella Stander said…
Not only hanging and drowning the dogs; allegedly some were electrocuted too. All of which require time, effort, forethought, strength (these are adult male fighting dogs, not little pups). Above all, Vick et al. must have quite the sadistic streak, else they would have just shot the poor things. Words cannot convey my horror and contempt. "Bad Newz" indeed.
Anonymous said…
I feel that there is a special corner in hell for all the folks that participate in dog fighting. Their day is coming!!!

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