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Let's give this dog a happy new year!!!

Can anyone help a dog in Atlanta???

Those crazy year-end best-of lists

Aimee Mann on deciphering an artist contract

Does this look like Che Guevara?

The Jeffersons

Candy is sweet...and looking for a home

Sula & Me on YouTube

Holiday gift suggestions

Now your doggie can have his own Kiehl's

Pit Bulls save the lives of two families on Thanksgiving Day

The Dogs Who Found Me audiobook on sale

New Orleans reading Thursday 11/30

New Orleans Athletic Club Revisited; Cingular Dumped; and other reverse progress reports

Reviews I'm thankful for...

Kansas City Fox News airs Dangerous Dog report

OJ Book Cancelled!!!

The OJ "confession"

A tenth printing

Pit Bull Rescue Central offers signed copies of the Dogs Who Found Me

Priscilla, the pit bull therapist

The lull in blogging...

Election returns: my sister wins another term!

How to go to Denver without going to Denver

Have I mentioned...

Another unpredictable pit bull...

Clive Barker needs a new home

Speaking of dangerous dogs...

Best Friends Summit on Dangerous Dogs

Femme, femme, femme: Paintings of women in French Society from Daumier to Picasso at the New Orleans Museum of Art March 3-June 2 2007

Being a pit bull's PR agent

Evacuation tour: Events in Atlanta and Tallahassee next week

More on PETA and pit bulls

Nellie Mckay and PETA

Hometown news; vegan shoes

Sula Meets Ted Leo

Five years ago, in words and pictures

Ugh, it's 9/11: Why making up facts isn't the same thing as having an opinion

Trustees abandon Chicago's Furry Friends

Grong Grong surfaces in Memphis; Sula's video gets industry attention; African wild dogs arrive in New Orleans; etc

The Silver Lining

The Year of Magical Thinking

A few more dates on the road

George Bush returns; rebuilding screeches to a halt

Disaster commemoration fatigue

A year ago, before the power went out...

Katrina's macho cousin Ernesto threatens to slap us around for all the trash we've been talking

"God has no patience for stupidity..."

A Year Ago Today...

Personal lubricants: an essential carry-on?

Marking the evacuation anniversary on C-SPAN this Sunday

A very special edition of The Dogs Who Found Me

Some organizations I've done events with...

Chicago Tribune hits a new low

The always competetive Sula responds to Brando's magazine cover with a video

Brando's record breaking Urban Dog cover

The Dogs Who Found Me #2 at

Borders Interview Online; Satya magazine interview

In case you missed it...

No comedy or fireworks for Katrina anniversary

Quentin's Rebirthday

It's Gerkin McPickleworth!

This little honey is a real pooh bear

Join me all next week at for the Dog Days of Summer

The roofers next door

Meeting the new voice of Ken Foster

Another curious Amazon review

Fun Home antics

Einstein, and other west coast discoveries

And vice versa:

On the road again--west coast dogs are invited to come lick my face in San Francisco and Portland this week

A movie I actually want to see: Walker Payne

Random Notes: MySpace, BSL, gym memberships, "Intersection," and the New Orleans weather

LA/SPCA director gets a nod from NBC

Dogster's ten part interview

Signing and adoptions this weekend in Jackson

If you are wondering why the recovery is so slow...

I came home from dinner smelling like an elephant

Saturday morning on the stoop...

Notes on being busy in the unoccupied zone

New tour dates, new reviews...

Most readers respond more like this...