Friday, May 11, 2007

Silence Is Violence City Walks resume this Sunday:

With festival season behind us, we will start a fresh round of City Walks this Sunday evening, Mother's Day, May 13,
at 7pm.  We had hoped to start this week's walk in Central City, but it proved impossible to find a viable route to Ernie K-Doe's in the Treme.  The New Orleans Bayou Steppers Social Aid and Pleasure Club have been planning a wonderful reception for us, featuring the NewBirth Brass Band, so we must make it to Ernie K-Doe's by 8pm!
Therefore we will return to Sound Cafe, our home base in the Marigny/Bywater, as the City Walk starting point once again.  Here is the entire route:

SilenceIsViolence City Walk #4, hosted by the New Orleans Bayou
Steppers Social Aid and Pleasure Club!  START: Sound Cafe, 2700
Chartres St., 7pm SHARP!  Walk up Chartres to Kerlerec; veer right on
Kerlerec and continue to Burgundy St.  Turn LEFT onto Burgundy and
RIGHT onto Barracks St.  Continue up Barracks to Marais St.  Turn
RIGHT on Marais and LEFT on Kerlerec to Claiborne Ave.  Turn RIGHT on
Claiborne Ave. to Ernie K-Doe's Mother-in-Law Lounge, 1500 N.
Claiborne Ave.  STOP at Ernie K-Doe's.

As always, transportation will be provided from Ernie K-Doe's back to
Sound Cafe between 8 am 9pm. Also, we will be offering Silence is
Violence t-shirts at cost ($9) to anyone who joins the walk at Sound
Cafe, although you are free to dress as you like or bring your own
sign or banner.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

After Duque

doggatecostarica, originally uploaded by kfoz.

The new issue of The Bark (May/June) has an essay I've written titled "After Duque."

Those of you who have read The Dogs Who Found Me, or my earlier essay in the anthology Dog Culture, may remember Duque, the Costa Rican dog who I met in 2000, and who inspired my love--some might say obsession--with dogs. When I wasn't able to take him home with me, I adopted Brando in New York.

I returned to Costa Rica for the first time this past August, and learned of Duque's fate. I also met some people who are working with the stray dogs of Costa Rica, including The Mckee Project, which has an innovative spay/neuter system. All of this is part of the new essay, and in much expanded version, the new book, Dogs I Have Met..., which will be out in October.

If you get a chance, check out the article, and the McKee Project, and if you have any thoughts about Duque, post them here.