Roxy and PeeWee from "Dogs I Have Met"

Roxy and PeeWee, originally uploaded by kfoz.

When I visited my sister in Michigan last year, I met a pit bull named Rose at the Pinckney library. She was with her owner, Lola, who told me the story of her previous pit bull, a three legged marvel named Roxy. When Lola brought home PeeWee from a local farm, the two became lifelong friends--although things got a little awkward when PeeWee reached 700 pounds and still wanted to play like a puppy. Their story is in the chapter titled "The Odd Couples" in "Dogs I Have Met: And the People They Found."


annie said…
This was a great story. I saw five baby hogs walking single file off to the side of a farm road yesterday. Cutest thing ever.

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