Ellen DeGeneres and Muttgate

So now, everywhere I go people are asking what I think of Ellen DeGeneres--which gives me a break from discussing Michael Vick. I haven't been following the case as closely as some, but I certainly can see things from both sides. When I first adopted Brando, I siged the same sort of contract, agreeing to return him to the shelter if I changed my mind, or my situation changed. And each time I contacted them about anything, they asked, "Do you want to bring him back?" I kind of took it personally that they would ask.

Yet, having rescued and placed dozens of animals, I now know how it feels. You have invested yourself in getting the animal into the right home, and if things don't work out, you want to be involved in the solution.

Still, I can't help thinking that this whole thing escalated far beyond with either party intended.


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