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A thousand words at a time...

Perhaps at some point they will be able to use DNA to identify the remains of our missing federal government

Photo caption contest

New Orleans suicide watch

Bookselling 101

James Frey has a few things to say about The Dogs Who Found Me

Never leave the house without a camera

Signed copies...

Rabbit on the loose in New Orleans

Where to find Dog Culture now that people are looking

"Dog Culture" featured in The Week

Amazon brands me illegitimate

Ode (not old!) to a blue merle pit bull

You get used to it after a while

Propane bombs

The latest on The Dogs Who Found Me

Remember when Apple actually had customer support?

Burning New Orleans down, one building at a time

Another great block goes down in flames

My brief stop at the unemployment office

Jambalaya in Ohio; Chicken Abitafeller in Lousiana

Water Works

Two out of three Press Street Men are unemployed

A note to Good Morning America on accuracy in reporting

Could there be even more reasons to drive BellSouth out of business?

The pain of proofreading

Because before it gets better, it gets really really bad

Sweetness on its way to Ohio

Chicago proposes a breed ban; I propose a ban of Chicago

Stump stockings

I see London, I see France...I see $*%@ in his underpants

Free internet for carpetbaggers

Does the State Department read your blog?

Giraffes are funny

Reopening Preservation Hall

Entergy offers a special holiday blackout

Homeless cat offers accounting services to the Louisiana SPCA

Brando discovers a magic potion

Another day, another blackout...

Lingering on the borders of CNN and NPR

The view from Windsor Court

This little lady needs a home.

Entergy's definition of "restored"

Abandoning Manhattan

Carpetblogger wreaks havoc on dog tummy!

Faulkner House is open

More NOCCA/Riverfront trouble

and now I've lost my bank too

New work out in The Bark and Poets and Writers

Elvis comes to Piety Street

A note from the Lousiana SPCA

The animal rescue craziness continues...

NOCCA on the chopping block

Touring St. Bernard Parish

Press Street literary/arts collective

Sweet Pea, the pit bull/girl next door: a story with three pit bulls and not a drop of violence

Another pit bull attack and the press misses the real problem

More signs that things have returned to normal

Be careful where you point your rocket

The Dogs Who Found Me Tour


The Marigny Vet makes a house call

The evictions begin

A Neville hug

Night Court

A Neville returns...but still no butter

Report from Cafe du Monde

Doughnuts of all kinds

Is this the upper or the lower?

...and still it is good to be home.

Watching houses burn in the distance

500 Violins

Rosalind and her lady are together again...

Rosalind is living on the street now...and other first impressions on my return

My return to New Orleans

FEMA continues to toy with me...

FEMA speaks

Write a novel in twelve weeks!

FEMA: "We don't make decisions...a computer does"

Lugo and Milo

My afternoon with the Red Cross, FEMA and a displaced pit bull

My fortune

My night with FEMA

Thousands of New Orleans renters face eviction

Apparently I'm African American...and other media-inspired epiphanies.