Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Dogs Who Found Me is finally in stores!

You can buy it now at Barnes and Noble.

And it should be arriving this week everywhere else.

If you are cheap, you can even buy a reviewers copy at The Strand.

Looking for stories about publicists

For a magazine piece: I'm looking for stories and anecdotes about the relationship between writers and their book's publicists. All angles. Got a great story or an awful one? I'm interested. Are you a publicist with thoughts on how writers can best work with you? I'm interested. Are you an author who has tried--and failed--to figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing to work with your publisher to sell the book? I'm interested.

You can email me with the info at the top of this page. Don't worry, names will not be revealed.

Elizabeth Gilbert, reluctant memoirist

Last week, Time Out New York ran an interview I conducted with Elizabeth Gilbert, who has a memoir of her own out now: Eat, Pray, Love. You can read the published version here. But what I also wanted to report is that our conversation--via phone, with me in New Orleans and Liz in Philly--was hilarious. Which is what I remember about Gilbert from twelve years ago at KGB Bar. Her memoir retains that humor, even when it is talking about depression.

Liz spent the first part of our interview firing off questions about New Orleans and my pacemaker. "Hey, wait a minute, I'm supposed to be interviewing you!" I said.

Later, I told her that reading her book was like having a conversation with her. "A really long one," I added. "And I was mostly just nodding the whole time."

"You know," she said,"I really should have ended the book with 'Enough about me, what's new with you?'"

Friday, February 24, 2006

Rosanne Cash's New Orleans promise

Okay, it wasn't really a promise, but I think Rosanne is coming to town.

Rosanne has a great new disc out called Black Cadillac, and the other day I dropped her a line via her website to tell her how much I liked it. And I asked, in all caps: PLEASE COME PERFORM IN NEW ORLEANS. It has been a little surprising how few performers have come to entertain. I mean I understand it isn't quite the same market that it used to be, but for all the talk of supporting the city, you'd think some more folks would show up just to make a point of it.

Rosanne's response: "I'm working on it."

Three years ago, literally as we went to war with Iraq, I was interviewing Rosanne Cash as CNN played in the background. You can read that interview in the Salon archives.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jelly Lambert 1994-2006

sula meets jelly
Originally uploaded by kfoz.
Our friend Jelly passed away on February 20th. In this photo he's meeting with Sula, just after she showed up on my door in Tallahassee in March 2004. He was extremely fluffy and liked to eat pizza, and even though he wasn't crazy about other dogs--particularly mine--he let us stay at his place in Atlanta when we evaculated New Orleans.

We miss you buddy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sara Gran is no longer speaking to me

She reiterated this to me in several phone conversations yesterday, but you can read all about it here. Apparently it has to do with reading The Dogs Who Found Me--twice--and finding it not nearly as awful as she would have liked.

But we're still getting together to watch the parades Thursday night.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Vicki Hearne

"It is true that Pit Bulls grab and hold on. But what they most often grab and refuse to let go of is your heart, not your arm."

Faulkner House sold out

I was going to title this "Faulkner House sellout", but that sounded wrong.

The event yesterday was amazing. Zephyr got bellyrubs from strangers for three hours, and the bookstore sold out of their copies before the event was done. They are taking requests for personalized inscriptions which I will do later in the week when more stock comes in. You can contact them at

Also, I'll be doing another signing uptown on March 9th at Octavia Books. 6pm.

An online course in the Personal Essay

I'll be teaching an online course in the personal essay begining March 14th. For more information, go to