Friday, March 20, 2009

William Hepler Foster, 1932-2009

My father passed away last night, one day short of the anniversary of my mother's death last year and two days short of what would have been their fiftieth anniversary. He had been diagnosed with emphysema in 2007, shortly before my mother's own diagnosis of aplastic anemia, which took her life.

The past year was difficult for him, and for all of us. He learned to use a checkbook--something my mother always took care of--and he acquired a cat, who he named Rex. But a few weeks ago he began to have trouble breathing, and entered extended care with plans to move back home once homecare had been arranged. I was due to fly up to Pennsylvania next week, and spoke to him by phone yesterday afternoon. He was having a lot of difficulty with his voice, and apologized for not being able to speak for long. I told him not to worry--that we would see each other next week and that would make it easier, even if his voice wasn't strong. And I sensed that this could be our last conversation.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five years ago...

myadorablesula, originally uploaded by kfoz.

I found Sula March 17th, 2004. And it has been pure drama ever since. But look at that face.