Friday, March 24, 2006

April 17th in New York: a party and auction to celebrate The Dogs...

On April 17th I'll reading at Astor Place Barnes and Noble at 7pm. Please come. And plan to stay late, because afterwards we're heading to B Bar for a party and silent auction to raise money for my neighbors, the Louisiana SPCA. The auction items are just beginning to roll in, but here are some of the highlights:

A signed cookbook and homemade dog biscuits from Susan Orlean and Gillespie
Signed books, including A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard and American Pitbull from James Frey
Photography by Cami Johnson
A gift basket for humans and dogs from Julia Szabo, the pet columnist for the New York Post
A signed mystery contribution from world traveler Elizabeth Gilbert
A signed broadside of Adam Zagajewski's "Try to Praise the Mutilated World"
A package of services including an online course and one year membership from
A one year subscription to the New York Post
A signed CD from Aimee Mann
Signed copies and images from Tom Varisco's SPOILED: Refridgerators of New Orleans
and more...

My list of dog books from The Week magazine

The Week is a magazine that prints digest versions of items from other weekly magazines and newspapers. Each issue features a writer offering a list of six books. This feature is called...The List. And this week's list is mine. It's a list of dog books, of course, and I had some trouble whittling it down to just six. I decided to focus on some of the more unusual books out there. I'll probably post the whole thing here eventually, but for how you can read it online.

One little thing: they edited my entry for Marc Joseph's book American Pitbull; my original description talked about how much I loved the contrast he creates between portraits of the gorgeous dogs on their own and then the sometimes disturbing world that people place them in. Somehow the first half of that statement was deleted. Also, the book is available in paperback, but they've listed the hardcover.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More tour dates....

3/23 Shaman Drum, Ann Arbor
3/26 Dog Day Afternoon, Audubon Park, New Orleans

4/7-8 Southern Kentucky Book Fest
4/17 Astor Place Barnes and Noble, NYC
4/21 Book Party with Sara Gran at Slim Goodies, New Orleans (to benefit several organizations)
4/22 Barnes and Noble, Westbank New Orleans (with Zephyr!)
4/24 Quimby's, Chicago
4/25 Prairie Lights, Iowa City
4/30 New Orleans Jazz Fest (signing noon-1pm; Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello perform later the same day!)

5/12-13 Ann Arbor Book Fest
5/16 Square Books, Oxford Mississippi

Or buy The Dogs Who Found Me at Barnes and Noble, Amazon or your favorite indie store.

There are a few signed copies available at: Vroman's, Cody's, Book Passage, Booksmith, Powell's.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ontario wins, Rocky dies

Originally uploaded by kfoz.
Today, Ontario upheld its order to kill Rocky the pit bull pictured in this photo. His crime is that he is a pit bull. And he is neutered. Absurdly, if he hadn't been neutered, they may have allowed him to be saved.

Maybe he should move down to New Orleans. Or anywhere.

His execution date is June 30th.