The Dog Who Loved Cheerios

thedogswholovedcheerios, originally uploaded by kfoz.

The postman just delivered a copy of Cami Johnson's new book The Dog Who Loved Cheerios! This book of dog portraits isn't due out until March, but I contributed the foreword, so I get an advance copy. Cami, of course, did the portraits of Brando and Sula for the jackets of my books. Yet, when I was asked to write something for the front of her collection, I wondered if I had anything to say. At that point, the title of her book was something about a rogues gallery of devil dogs, and the editor said, "Don't you have some stories about Brando?" I insisted that I'd told them all, but the editor, who knows Brando, said, "What about that time he ripped that woman's skirt off in Manhattan?" Oh yeah, that time. Suddenly a flood of intentionally forgotten adventures surfaced. So, to learn some of the worst things he's done, go buy Cami's book when it is out.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, go buy Dogs I Have Met!


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