Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Obama/Brando ticket...

Obama won several more states last night, moving my dog Brando one step closer to the White House. Several readers have also suggested Zephyr for Secretary of State. It also means that I woke up to another email from Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman. These two are the king and queen of grass roots fundraising. They never stop. Their initial goal was $25,000. They are now on their way to $50,000. And they are offering signed copies of all of their books as a gift to anyone who donates the maximum $2,300.

Brando cannot match that in any way. In fact, his fundraising has stalled out at $50. He has no premiums to offer and he's reluctant to encourage anyone to max out at this point in the campaign, since there will be plenty more needed later. He is, however, interested in a promise that Obama made two his daughters. If they move to the White House, they can get a dog. Brando thinks he means "as vice president."

You can send Brando to the White House by contributing here.

Or, you can help fund Sula's vaccination clinic and spay/neuter efforts by contributing at The Sula Foundation. I've been really amazed at the number of people contributing from far flung corners of the US. And, we will send you a signed book if you donate $20 or more.