Friday, March 17, 2006

More lists...

Lists are boring, I know. But I'm too tired to file my official tour report here. Not yet. Meanwhile:

Bookscan pet list: #14
Bookscan New Orleans regional list: #14 Pet bestseller list: #3

And apparently they've gone back for a third printing.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Another bestseller list...

The Dogs are #4--for the second week--on Booksmith's bestseller list. We're just below the wonderful Animals in Translation.

I'll be reading there on Wednesday.

A few new reviews suggest it isn't just about dogs anymore...

"(Foster is) matter-of-fact, sometimes angry, always open-hearted and often full of wonder...At the core of it, this is a book about living a decent life and taking care along the way. You don't have to rescue stray pit bulls to know how important that is."-- The Oregonian

"(The Dogs Who Found Me) might sound dangerously fuzzy and warm, but it maintains an edge of wisdom and self-awareness...Foster has led an untidy life, and he's lucky his pets have taught him the value of letting things get messy."--Time Out New York