PETA continues to exploit pit bulls

It is always interesting to see how some animal rights organizations exploit the very animals they claim to be saving. With PETA, the situation is even more absurd--they exploit the image of pit bulls, even while endorsing breed bans and the wide-spread euthanizing of the breed. And yet they continue to use photos of pit bulls almost exclusively in their solicitations for contributions. I hear from people every week who have been duped into thinking that PETA supports all animals. This week is no different--a reader sent me the latest holiday solicitation from PETA and two of the three dogs featured are pit bulls.

In the past, when this issue comes up, PETA always insists that they didn't say this or that, or that the information being quoted is out of date. Yet just yesterday on Tampa's Fox affiliate, Laura Brown of PETA stated that the dogs need to be banned in order to protect them from abuse. The same insane logic I quote in The Dogs Who Found Me.


Anonymous said…
That's interesting. I wouldn't say I am surprised, but still worth noting. Have you contacted PETA before about this?

Pound Dog Rescue
kfoz said…
Here's a link to some earlier correspondence:

And there is a story in my new book in which a PETA rep approaches me at a party to ask that I stop talking about "the things we disagree on." I told them that wasn't possible.
Caveat said…
There are three enemies, all of whom profit from 'pit bulls' and anti-dog sentiment:

1. Animal rights fanatics who wish to end domestic animal husbandry, such as Peta.
2. Media who boost revenue with increased audience share.
3. Self-serving politicians who pander to the ignorant to make it look as though they are doing something.

All three of these groups have money, power and the support of the public.

But that's no reason to stop fighting them.

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