"The Chicago Loop" starring Elizabeth Crane, Megan Stielstra, Julia Kamynz Lane and Anne Calcagno

In my new book, Dogs I Have Met, there is a chapter titled "The Chicago Loop", in which I describe a series of visits to the windy city (although, thankfully, I refrain from using that cliche). The story is mostly about four writers: an old friend Elizabeth; her friend Megan (whose dog I borrow for a television interview); Julia, who adopts a dog to Elizabeth; and Anne, who writes to me about her love of pit bulls. Because there are so many dogs in this book--I haven't even counted--and because they only have first names (except for Elizabeth's), I only identified these great writers by their first names. But here's the full info on each of them. And on Oct. 20 they will be joining me at Quimby's in Chicago, to set the record straight.

Elizabeth Crane
is the author of When the Messenger is Hot and All This Heavenly Glory.

Megan Stielsta
is a jack of all trades.

Julia Kamynz Lane is a freelance writer who writes with increasing frequency about dogs.

Anne Calcagno
is the author of the story story collection Pray For Yourself.


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