Friday, July 21, 2006

Fun Home antics

fosters and bechdels, 1974
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Last month I blogged about Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, and how wonderful it was. And how strange, since I grew up spending a lot of time in their house. Alison's drawings are so vivid, so minutely detailed, that it triggered a lot of great memories for me. It really was a fun home.

But I didn't remember this photo, which Alison sent me last week. In my blog post, I had said something about being just outside the margins of each page. "You literally are!" Alison wrote, directing me to page 164 where this photo is recreated. She also explained something that I'd already sort of figured out: Scott G. is really a composite of me, my brother and another friend. (There were three groups of three siblings in real life--too many to keep track of in the narrative.)

I should point out, however, that Dr. and Dr. G. are definately not my parents.

Also, for the record, that's me in the wig, hitting John Bechdel over the head with a mallet while Alison and my brother Chris look on.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Einstein, and other west coast discoveries

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My latest crush is on Einstein, a small little guy, very serious, who is in the adoption area at Pets Unlimited in San Francisco. He looks exactly like this photo and probably weighs about 35 pounds.

I spent most of the week on the west coast, where I visited with Oakland animal services on Wednesday, followed by an event with a bunch of authors at the SFSPCA on Thursday. The SFSPCA runs an adoption center called Maddie's Place which is enormous, posh, and compared to most shelters and adoption facilities it seems extremely underpopulated. This is an illusion. Part of their method is that they want the dogs and cats to live in a home like enviornment, so small groups get assigned to large open "living rooms" where they stay until adoption. They adopt 4000 animals each year, which is a massive amount.

Friday I did my event with Kiehl's and Pets Unlimited, then took myself to a goodbye dinner at the restaurant that Sam Spade frequented in Maltese Falcon.

Saturday I flew to Portland, did a great event there with Dove Lewis, accompanied by a therapy dog. This was, once again, at Kiehl's. I should write an entry at some point about how much I love Kiehl's,but I'm going to have to save it. After Kiehl's I met with some friends from first grade and college, then went to the final night of the Tin House conference, where I got to hug Elissa Schappell, and listen to Aimee Bender, Nick Flynn and Steve Almond read. I also kept spotting my old classmate Brenda Shaughnessy in the crowd at the reception that followed, but everytime I started over to talk to her, someone intervened.

Sunday I got to have breakfast with Phil and Lisa and their kids, followed by brunch with our old babysitter, Barbara Eiswerth, followed by visits to Powell's to sign stock. And then another reading where I didn't read--what a joy! Instead I got to hear fellow New Orleanian Pia Z. Earhardt read an AMAZING story from a magazine called Spork. Then I took a redeye home, drove to Mississippi, took a French exam...and thought about how cute that little Einstein is.