The perils of Hills Prescription i/d

Sula, my little pit bull, has been eating i/d exclusively for some time now, because she has always had digestive issues and the i/d is somehow the only thing that keeps her system working properly. I'm not sure why this is true, because the ingredients are pretty crappy. But it is high in fiber I guess, and that's the secret. The problem, of course, is that you need a prescription to obtain it. There is nothing medicinal in it--its just a lot of rice and a little meat. Our vet is out of town. Her bag of food is empty. And, after calling around, I've been lectured more than once about the breach of ethics in my even asking if someone can supply me with the food while my doctor is gone. What they want, of course, is for me to bring her in, pay the initial visit fee, and then they will allow me to buy a small ten pound bag to get me--and Sula--through.



Kathryn Usher said…
For many in the medical community it's not about ethics it's about money.

My father just went down a strange road to get a refill in his pit bull's heart worm meds. It's amazing the price differences in what folks want to charge for basically the same services...
Anonymous said…
APBTs have notorious sensitive tummies, either stomachs of iron or completely the opposite. Have you looked into Timberwolf Organics (on the web)? With our Little Prince having a chicken meal sensitivity, TWO has been a godsend (discounts and free shipping, too!).

Sula is such a cutie - hope you find the right food. Allergies and food sensitivities are real pains.

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