Pit Bull Rescue Central Holiday Fundraiser: Signed copies of Dogs I Have Met

I just finished signing 14 cases of books for Pit Bull Rescue Central's holiday fundraiser. These books are now waiting for your order and will be quickly and efficiently shipped out to you in time for the holidays. Best of all, the money goes to help pit bulls all around the country. You can place your order here.

Some other great holiday gifts that help the dogs:

The wonderful annual calendar The Unexpected Pit Bull features happy healthy dogs celebrating their lives with moms, dads, children and in the case of Faith, the services of an outdoor cafe. (Faith was rescued in New Orleans, where she was found tied to the drowned body of her owner.)

And the crazy people at Bad Rap have released "Bad Rap Revealed" which features naked pit bull advocates and their dogs. (In some cases, the dogs have clothes on.)


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