Friday, August 18, 2006

Some organizations I've done events with...

I've been meeting a ton of great organizations in the past few months, which reminded me that some people might be interested in the following partial list of organizations that have participated in my readings and/or benefited from sales of the book:

Louisiana SPCA
Friends of Animals (Los Angeles)
No Voice Unheard
San Francisco SPCA
Oakland Animal Services
Pets Unlimited
Dove Lewis
Massachusetts SPCA
Bide A Wee
BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition)
Pit Bull Rescue Central
Furry Friends (Chicago)
Stray Rescue (St. Louis)

I'll try to update this list and include links in the next week.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chicago Tribune hits a new low

I'm in Chicago this weekend for a conference on how to combat BSL--breed specific legislation. (Interestingly, in France this is referred to as banning a race.) The Tribune spent most of the week filling their pages with a sensational report on a child who was horribly attacked by a pit bull a year ago. The headlines were filled with lines like "experts not surprised". And what happened to the child was awful. But if anyone read the actual stories, they might have found that the experts being quoted were not surprised because the individual dog in question had a history of aggression that was ignored by his owner. And the dog was actually not even a pit bull. Still, they capped it off with an editorial endorsing the ban. Next up, I expect they will revist crimes committed by black, hispanic and gay people. More later...

Monday, August 14, 2006

The always competetive Sula responds to Brando's magazine cover with a video

Sula and I discuss The Dogs Who Found Me in a new promo video courtesy of AuthorViews. Unfortunately, after a brief appearance, Sula suddenly felt camera shy. Or maybe she was worried about how she might look afer the thing was edited.

Meanwhile, Lyons Press is out of stock again, which makes an eighth printing. But don't let that stop you--you can still find the book for sale.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brando's record breaking Urban Dog cover

Brando: Urban Dog Cover
Originally uploaded by kfoz.
The issue isn't out yet, but here's Brando (my Brando, if you are wondering) on the cover of the new issue of Urban Dog. Brando is the only dog to have appeared on TWO issues of the magazine--and this latest also marks the first to use glossy paper stock.

Congratulations Brando!