"Dog Talk" on NPR

This morning on WLIU-FM, Tracie Hotchner will be featuring a brief talk with me about "Dogs I Have Met" and the Sula Foundation. Tracie also featured me recently on her Cat Chat on another network. Will my sister make fun of this again? We'll see.

I also recently taped an interview for KGNU in Boulder and Denver, although I don't know when that will air.

And apparently there may be something coming up in the NY Post, and Ladies Home Journal.


Lee in Canada (not Ontario) said…
Hey, Ken. Great job - I love your books and look forward to more. I'm a pit lover too and your interviews in Colorado must have been interesting. Please post again if you find out that they're available on the net.

I'm so glad I found your blog.
Big Sis said…
Well, what exactly does a "dog author" have to say on a program called Cat Chat? I just have visions of cats being offended at the very thought...

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