Friday, July 28, 2006

Join me all next week at for the Dog Days of Summer

I'll be guest blogging at the blog every day next week. I've been saving up some good stuff for my stint over there, so it should be fun. And while you are there, be sure to look around at their amazing collection of used and new books. Just be glad you aren't in the store itself, otherwise you would do as I do--spend way to much money on books you can't fit into your suitcase.

On the other hand, if you buy enough books online, you get free shipping.

The roofers next door

Yesterday the roofers arrived to repair my neighbors roof--the damage from Katrina 11 months ago. And suddenly they are in a very big hurry. The house on the opposite side has three pit bulls in the yard, so even though they had a dumpster set up in front, suddenly there was an ongoing cascade of debris coming into my yard and onto my house: slate shingles, nails, little screws with orange plastic washers, new sheets of shingles, gatorade bottles, etc.

I went outside and picked some of it up, got their attention, grimaced, gestured, threw it over the fence. I said something very simple like, "Don't throw anymore into my yard." They nodded. I left for my French final, and returned to see even more debris in the yard.

My dogs didn't like this commotion, particularly Sula, who has been having trouble with storms lately. Yesterday she scraped open her cheeks on her crate trying to get out because of the noise. (If she wasn't in the crate, I worry she might go out a window.) She wasn't like this last summer. This year, she has new anxiety.

So this morning they arrive again, the roofers. And I go get coffee down the street. When I get home, the white noise machine--the TV--isn't working. The dogs don't like this. I walk outside. They are up on a ladder, trying to fish a sheet of shingles off of the satellite arm. I go back inside. Still no signal. I got outside again. They are on the ladder with a three satellite eyes in their hands.

Directv says they can replace it next week. The dogs are not happy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meeting the new voice of Ken Foster

This morning I had a long talk with Patrick, the actor who will be reading The Dogs Who Found Me for the upcoming audio release. He and his wife rescue dogs too, so I felt some relief at knowing that he actually understood the subject of the book. So there was a lot of dog talk, followed by a brief list of names that he wanted to check pronounciation on. (Chartres Street, for example. And Scholle. And giardia.) So, while I initially felt a little weirded out at having someone else tell my story--in the first person!--I now feel that I'm in good hands.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Another curious Amazon review

As a plane circled overhead, curiously low in the sky, I logged onto Amazon and noticed a one star review had been posted for The Dogs Who Found Me earlier today. The reviewers chief complaints: a belated 9/11 book misleadingly sold as a Katrina book, when only a few chapters actually deal with the storm. Hmm. Okay. I thought it was about dogs. Curious to see what else this reviewer was up to, I clicked onto his reviewers page to see that he had posted a total of four reviews and all of them appeared today. A five star review for The Five People You Meet in Hell, a quickie self-published Katrina exploitation piece and one star reviews for me, Tom Piazza's Why New Orleans Matters and Chris Rose's 1 Dead in the Attic. I clicked onto the page for The Five People You Meet in Hell and saw that according to Amazon statistics, most people who look at that page buy The Dogs Who Found Me, Why New Orleans Matters, or 1 Dead in the Attic.

Hmmm. Coincidence I'm sure.