Friday, December 07, 2007

Pit Bull Rescue Central Holiday Fundraiser: Signed copies of Dogs I Have Met

I just finished signing 14 cases of books for Pit Bull Rescue Central's holiday fundraiser. These books are now waiting for your order and will be quickly and efficiently shipped out to you in time for the holidays. Best of all, the money goes to help pit bulls all around the country. You can place your order here.

Some other great holiday gifts that help the dogs:

The wonderful annual calendar The Unexpected Pit Bull features happy healthy dogs celebrating their lives with moms, dads, children and in the case of Faith, the services of an outdoor cafe. (Faith was rescued in New Orleans, where she was found tied to the drowned body of her owner.)

And the crazy people at Bad Rap have released "Bad Rap Revealed" which features naked pit bull advocates and their dogs. (In some cases, the dogs have clothes on.)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

No, it's not Brando...

brendaleee, originally uploaded by kfoz.

it is Brenda Lee.

Brenda's owner sent me an email and a bunch of photos to document their shared ancestry. Brenda is, far as anyone can guess, a pit bull/great Dane mix, which is as close as I've come to figuring out Brando's background. But who knows?

She sure does have a gorgeous snout!

Sula's trip to Memphis

Sula and I left Brando and Zephyr behind with a dogsitter and headed up to Memphis on Wednesday night. We stayed once again at the Knights Inn in Grenada. The last time we had stayed there was when we went to the St. Louis Film Festival a few weeks back. I'd been worried about checking in with a pit bull, but the night clerk didn't even charge the pet fee and in the morning we saw four other pit bulls running in and out of their rooms.

First thing Thursday morning we went to Peabody Place to film Live @ 9. You can watch our appearance here, by choosing Live @ 9 from the news menu and then clicking on the Thursday November 29th show. (I actually haven't been able to get it to work on my Mac.)

Then Sula and drove over to Graceland and, more important, to the Stax Museum, where we met with the facilities manager and then, later, the retail manager. Could something be in the works? Perhaps.

At Davis-Kidd, we had a nice event with the Humane Society, and did a reading next to a poster of Brando 6 feet tall. Grong Grong's parents showed up with their two human kids. And Sula and I jumped back in the car, exhausted, and headed home.