Good News in the old the form of cake

Cake is always good news, but it is particularly good news when it is being served in the old La Spiga location at the corner of Spain and Chartres. La Spiga earlier in the summer, as a lot of businesses have been struggling since the storm. New Orleans Cake Cafe opened in its place about a week ago. But it wasn't until Friday, when I went to Coffea to discover they no longer have a cook, and then went to Sound Cafe to discover that their bread bakery is closed til next week, that I remember to go back to La Spiga. It was two in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything all day--I'd been on a late morning panel at Lusher's sustainability conference--but the food was amazing. I had a turkey sandwich on Challah, which arrived with REAL turkey on it, on delicious lightly toasted bread. Then I grabbed some cookies and cupcakes to take home.

You can check the place out on the web at


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