Moving Day

I've had a hard time posting anything interesting on this blog lately, because I've been busy with something I didn't want to make public. But now it is done, so I'll probably be blogging about it non-stop.

Over the summer I bought a house in the Holy Cross neighborhood, and this morning the dogs and I moved in. Moving dogs is a nasty business, even if you are only moving them a mile from where you've been. I had been waiting until most of the work was done on the house before getting the dogs involved. But there were all the usual delays with water in the gas line, mysteriously installed plumbing, etc. And then Thursday there were thunderstorms, so that day was postponed until today. Fortunately, having moved from place to place during the evacuation, I have a system down for packing up the dogs and squeezing them into the car. Unfortunately, having experienced this system too often during the evacuation and revacuation, it makes us all hysterical.

Once we arrived, they tore through the yard for a while, rolled around on their backs in the grass, and had a great time. This was followed by Sula vomiting all over the hard wood floors and Brando squeezing under the house and forgetting how he got under there. Eventually Zephyr and I talked him out.


lisa in tlh said…
Betsy said…
Yes, congrats, Ken, that's huge!
D.L. Hall said…
This is great news, Ken. Since Katrina, I've visited your blog here and there, reading your inside scoop. Haven't seen you since you left Tallahassee, but I did visit New Orleans this past spring. Road through the 9th Ward. Thought of you and wished I had emailed or something before I went. But I had lost touch. So, just wanted to check in and say hi. I'm trying a blog, too:

Congrats on your book, too.

Debbie Hall

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