Friday, September 28, 2007

Sula in love

Yesterday, after several ridiculous false starts and confused installation dates, ADT came to set up security at the new house. When the man arrived, he looked at my three dogs and said, "Why do you think you need an alarm?" Brando proceeded to bark at him for the next four hours. At one point I tried throwing a blanket over him as you would a bird. Didn't work. Sula, meanwhile, bonded with this installation man immediately, which is surprising since she's been attached to my own side ever since we moved. She followed him everywhere, even as he used power tools, which she typically frowns upon. Then, when he was finally through with the job, she ran out and jumped in his truck, refusing to move when I tried to retrieve her.

At the time it seemed both amusing and curious. But as time goes on, I'm beginning to take it a little personally.

Another interesting review in translation...

“Ken Foster had no intent when he began attractive in strays that he’d be the digit uncovering salvation.” So states Vanity Fair most the Woolrich native’s newborn book, “Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found.” His newborn …

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"The Chicago Loop" starring Elizabeth Crane, Megan Stielstra, Julia Kamynz Lane and Anne Calcagno

In my new book, Dogs I Have Met, there is a chapter titled "The Chicago Loop", in which I describe a series of visits to the windy city (although, thankfully, I refrain from using that cliche). The story is mostly about four writers: an old friend Elizabeth; her friend Megan (whose dog I borrow for a television interview); Julia, who adopts a dog to Elizabeth; and Anne, who writes to me about her love of pit bulls. Because there are so many dogs in this book--I haven't even counted--and because they only have first names (except for Elizabeth's), I only identified these great writers by their first names. But here's the full info on each of them. And on Oct. 20 they will be joining me at Quimby's in Chicago, to set the record straight.

Elizabeth Crane
is the author of When the Messenger is Hot and All This Heavenly Glory.

Megan Stielsta
is a jack of all trades.

Julia Kamynz Lane is a freelance writer who writes with increasing frequency about dogs.

Anne Calcagno
is the author of the story story collection Pray For Yourself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another review of The Dogs Who Found Me

Pisac Ken Foster postao je prijatelj za desetke pasa lutalica, a svoje pustolovine opisuje u novoj knjizi "Psi koji su me pronašli". Knjiga govori o tome kako su mu psi pomogli da prebrodi neke osobne tragedije i prirodne katastrofe. Naime, 11. rujna 2001. Foster je živio u New Yorku sa svojim psom Brandom. Zajedno su bili svjedoci jedne od najvećih tragedija u povijesti ovog grada. "Bio je sa mnom u parku tog jutra kad je prvi zrakoplov preletio nisko. Nismo znali što se događa." Foster kaže kako mu je pas pomogao da prevlada katastrofu. "Odveo me do vatrogasne postaje čiji su mnogi vatrogasci poginuli. Naveo me da uđem unutra i pogledam izložene uspomene na te ljude. I nastavio me tamo voditi opet i opet…". Danas je Brando jedan od tri psa u životu ovog pisca. Žive u New Orleansu gdje su se prošle godine morali nositi s jednom drugom katastrofom, uraganom Katrina…

Anyone care to translate?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good News in the old the form of cake

Cake is always good news, but it is particularly good news when it is being served in the old La Spiga location at the corner of Spain and Chartres. La Spiga earlier in the summer, as a lot of businesses have been struggling since the storm. New Orleans Cake Cafe opened in its place about a week ago. But it wasn't until Friday, when I went to Coffea to discover they no longer have a cook, and then went to Sound Cafe to discover that their bread bakery is closed til next week, that I remember to go back to La Spiga. It was two in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten anything all day--I'd been on a late morning panel at Lusher's sustainability conference--but the food was amazing. I had a turkey sandwich on Challah, which arrived with REAL turkey on it, on delicious lightly toasted bread. Then I grabbed some cookies and cupcakes to take home.

You can check the place out on the web at

A party for pit bulls?

On Wednesday October 3rd, join the Hot 8 Brass Band at Sound Cafe from 7-9pm to celebrate the pit bulls of New Orleans and the publication of Ken Foster's new book "Dogs I Have Met and The People They Found." On Thursday, October 4th (St. Francis Day) Foster will read from "Dogs I Have Met" at Octavia Books at 6:00 pm. The weekend of October 6-7 will see the debut of a series of pit bull clinics offering free shots and spay/neuter services to pit bulls in neighborhoods throughout New Orleans. Animal Farm Foundation will be providing a series of panels of historic images of the pit bull, which will be on display at the party and other locations throughout the city.

Confirmed guests at the October 3rd party include: Dag, the inspiration for Belladonna Day Spa owner Kim Dudek's new venture Dag's House (; Trap Jack, a former desk duty dog from the LA-SPCA; Lola, special assistant to Gloria Dauphin of the LA-SPCA; and ARNO director Robyn Beaulieu's beautiful blue pit bull.

"Dogs I Have Met" is a followup to Foster's national bestseller "The Dogs Who Found Me" which was released in March 2006. The author will tour the US throughout October and November.

Party with the Hot 8, 7-9pm
Sound Cafe
2700 Chartres Street

Reading/signing at Octavia Books
513 Octavia Street
New Orleans, LA