Saturday, March 08, 2008

Our multiple anniversaries

sula shirt, originally uploaded by kfoz.

It was a cold night, so I let all the dogs into my bed last night, and this morning, Brando is giving Zephyr a bath at the foot of the bed while Sula snores with her eyes open as she rests her head next to mine on the pillow.

All of this has reminded me of our multiple anniversaries. The Dogs Who Found Me was published two years ago with a first printing of 3000 copies. It is now in its 13th or 14th printing, with a total over 60,000 copies in print.

Sula showed up outside my door four years ago on March 17th. Zephyr arrived five years ago on Valentine's Day. Brando has been with me seven years at the end of January.

A lot has happened in those years. We now own a house. Sula now has her own foundation. And her own line of products, with proceeds going to help pit bulls and their owners. I'm planning some Brando and Zephyr shirts as well.

And, we're still running our special incentive. Donate $20 or more to the Sula Foundation, and we'll send a signed copy of The Dogs Who Found Me. Donate $30 or more and we'll send a copy of Dogs I Have Met. Donate $50 or more and we'll send both.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Amazon discount continues...

While Brando is shaking his head at the returns from last night's primaries, Amazon continues its sale on Dogs I Have Met and The Dogs Who Found Me, now nearly half price:

You can get there by clicking this link.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Suddenly St. Charles...

St Charles Avenue, originally uploaded by kfoz.

A few weeks ago, I was in NYC presenting at the AWP conference. I've actually been so busy--and sick--that I haven't had a chance to mention it. While I was there I got a call from the PRC asking if I would be okay with a photo shoot on my porch for Preservation in Print, their publication. Since they did the renovation work on my house, I said yes, but I must have sounded hesitant, because the woman who called said that it would be easy, and also that I'd be interviewed, and so it would be a good thing. The last thing I wanted was to be interviewed, but I said yes because it seemed like the right thing to do

A week later, the photo shoot arrived and I discovered, as people descended on my porch in the lower Ninth Ward, that the photo was actually for St. Charles Avenue magazine, an upscale publication for people on the opposite side of town. Again, I didn't really care, but it also seemed clear that there would be no interview, whether I wanted one or not.

So I decided that I wanted them to include my pit bull Sula on the cover. I knew that this was unlikely to make the cut, but I mentioned that the person who'd called me said that I'd be included. And so they humored me, and sat Sula and I in the shade on the opposite side of the porch from everyone else. And Sula and I posed, pretending we didn't know we were going to be cropped out.

So here we aren't. Although, I'm pretty sure they included us in the full shot on the inside of the magazine.

A report from the clinic

013, originally uploaded by kfoz.

Here's a photo from the clinic. This actually isn't the most interesting photo, but it features a great shot of the Sula shirt that you can buy at The Sula Foundation's website. Also, in the background, is a tour group from out of town. They arrived to see the community center and find out about all of the work going on in Holy Cross. They were not expecting a pit bull clinic. The concerned looking woman actually owns five pit bulls, who she left behind to come volunteer in New Orleans.

See photos of our first clinic by clicking here!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A dog named Sunday

ken with sunday, originally uploaded by kfoz.

A few weeks ago I went to have red beans on a Monday evening with a bunch of volunteers from the Louisiana SPCA. Most of us were here as volunteers just after Katrina, and Susie was back in town, so Charlene had everyone over. (Susie and Charlene both make brief appearances in Dogs I Have Met).

I'd never met Charlene's dog, so I didn't know she had a dog that is the exact double of Zephyr. Her name is Sunday. And she's not shy.

News cameras catch me making out with a pit bull

Yesterday was the first clinic sponsored by The Sula Foundation. I had no idea what to expect. In fact, one of the things that kept delaying my starting this organization was that sense of not knowing. Then I just decided to go ahead and figure it out as we went. I filed the paperwork with the state in January. Opened the checking account in February. Found a space in the lower ninth and made flyers, then borrowed some educational materials from Bad Rap and Animal Farm Foundation to hand out.

But getting the media to promote the event was another story. As with my pit bull party last fall, I couldn't get anyone to report what we were doing. Pit bulls biting people are news. Pit bulls getting vaccinated and trained by their families is not news. Or that's what it seemed. On Friday, one of the local stations announced the clinic, but deleted the words "pit bull" so it seemed that it was a clinic for all dogs.

So I decided we'd have to wait for the next time to really get the word out.

I showed up at the site to set up at about 11:45, and there was a family already there with their one year old pit bull. A few minutes later, WDSU showed up and started filming. When the pit bull approached me and began licking my entire head, the camera man said "This is amazing!" They interviewed all of us, and got footage of the dog getting his shots. I was completely flustered and illiterate, because I had put the idea so far out of my head.

Later I called the station to make sure they had my contact info and would share it along with our plans for more clinics and spay/neuter services. That's when I learned that they were running the piece as a feature on Sunday evening's show. I'll post photos when I get them later!