Monday, September 03, 2007

Apparently on sale now

Once again, Mr. Brando Foster, originally uploaded by kfoz.

It is officially an October publication, and I haven't even seen a finished copy myself yet, but apparently my new book is on sale. Now. At least in North Florida.

I got a very nice email from the first reader yesterday (which happened to also be my birthday):


Imagine my surprise when I found a copy of "Dogs I have Met" at an indie bookstore in north Florida! I thought it wasn't hitting the stores until Oct. Anyway, much to my husband's chagrin(native New Orleanian), I didn't put it down till I finished it a few minutes ago. Once again, you have a home run!! I doubt you'd remember me, but I'm the girl from South Georgia(Brunswick) who has two rescued greyhounds and emailed you a long while ago about a coworker attempting to get rid of a litter of pit bull puppies.

As I read your blog and keep up with your attempts to help New Orleans become a better place, I am hopeful that your new book will continue to encourage others to take part in the animal rescue it pit bulls or any other breed for that matter. I also hope that LOTS of folks read/purchase this book as so many of your stories are universal to any kind of dog........I saw my greyhounds in place of your dogs on several occasions, especially the story on our dogs getting older, as we are.

I wish you much continued success!! Hopefully, on one of our future trips to New Orleans(still trying to get the Mid-City house repaired), we can attend one of your book signings. Thanks so much for the greyhound mention in "Dogs I have Met" as well!!

I look forward to seeing what your next project will be--

Denise Emmer
Brunswick, Georgia


jill bryant said...

I do work for a non-profit ( and I sent a request (PR opportunity :) to your other site.

But - I just wanted to add my voice to the pit bull fans who thank you and hope you write a book just on pits. My pit Honey (found pregnant on the street) would be glad to give her opinion as to how pits should be treated (walks at least twice a day, lots of attention from lots of people, play, and - most important - don't forget the snacks/treats/marrow bones/dried up disgusting things found in bushes/plates left within licking distance)

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, Ken!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ken! Congrats on the new book.

Anonymous said...

Darn the luck for the early release - my copy is on the way - thanks for the tip. (and "hi!" Jill & Honey, from Brody)