Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael Vick

Mr. Brando Foster, originally uploaded by kfoz.

Although you'd never guess it from this photo, Brando doesn't read the papers.

And he doesn't watch the news either. If he did he might have been surprised at Larry King last night.

A friend called me from New York. Turn on Larry King, she said. He's got a pit bull on his desk and it looks just like Brando.

But I wasn't near a TV, so we missed it. But it reminded me that haven't posted anything about the disgusting Michael Vick situation. What's striking at this point is how shocked and angry most of the public seems to be. Appropriately. But for anyone who owns or works with pit bulls, we already know that there are thousands of Michael Vicks out there. What is extraordinary to us is that the case is being prosecuted, because usually even the authorities tend to feel, like some of Vick's teammates, that training pit bulls to fight, abusing them, or even killing them, isn't a crime. Because for them, pit bulls aren't dogs at all.

Of course, I have more to say, but it'll have to wait. I'm working on a longer piece that will be appearing, somewhere, soon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sterling and Ken at dba

Sterling and Ken at dba, originally uploaded by kfoz.

I stopped into dba on Frenchmen to use their wireless. I haven't been in here since the post hurricane days when no one had phones or internet or ice, and so you went anywhere that had a signal.

And then I stopped going out entirely.

But tonight I returned, and as I did some research online, a cat appeared and climbed into my lap. His name is Sterling, and he is very large and fluffy. As he kneeded my torso, people began speaking to me.

"I've never seen anyone bring their cat into a bar before," one girl said. "I'm used to seeing dogs."

And suddenly I wondered if he lived here, as I assumed, or if he had come with someone else. Or even just wandered in on his own.

But then a manager appeared, and confirmed that Sterling was working.

Tour update: Looking for venues in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago

My tour keeps expanding, but I have a few little holes to fill. The most puzzling is Boston. I went to school in Boston. Every time I publish a new book it makes the Boston papers. When I was on tour with The Dogs Who Found Me, I couldn't get any bookstores to do an event. I ended up doing a fundraiser at the Kiehl's boutique on Newberry Street, and it was featured on Daily Candy, as well as The Boston Globe, which sent a photographer, and the Northeastern News, and I did an interview with WGBH, etc. We sold out of books at twice the retail price. And...once again I can't get a bookstore to do an event with me.

I'm also adding a quick stop in Los Angeles, because I have some interviews there. But everything is apparently booked. Last time, in LA, I did Vromans and Skylight. Both were great events, and a friend helped out with an outdoor advertising campaign. I did radio all around southern California. And, this time around...can't find a store that's interested. (Though, to be fair, I'm adding this date really late, so many places are booked.)

And then there's Chicago. Last time around Time Out Chicago did a feature interview, I did television and radio, and sold out at Kiehl's, Quimby's, a fundraising party and later at a BSL conference. But still no mainstream bookstore will have me.

But maybe they will! If anyone has any suggestions, please email me. But don't worry, one way or another I'll be in those towns, with dogs and books, and people coming to meet us on a street-corner if necessary.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Should the UK be saved?

I'm being sarcastic of course, but as the flood waters continue to rise, I wonder whether there will be two years of debate now about whether this dangerous territory should be reinhabited.