The Times-Picayne's year end book list

Yesterday the Times-Picayune picked the books of the year, and featured Dogs I Have Met, along with Life in the Wake (to which I contributed a short story), and Brad Benischek's Revacuation which was published by Press Street. More important, the paper also announced expanded books coverage beginning Friday January 11th. Books will move from the back of the Living section on Sundays to the front of the section on Friday, with more coverage of local literary events, festivals, etc. The is absolutely the opposite of what most newspapers are doing, so I'll be posting some email addresses for everyone to send a note of thanks.

And just to balance things out, here's a woman in Georgia who thinks The Dogs Who Found Me was the worst book she read all year.


Karen said…
She has too many cats
Tami in Atlanta said…
This is one person in Georgia that loved your book. Just finished it and glad I found your site. I am a photojournalist in Atlanta, covered Hurricane Katrina mostly in Miss. and some in New Orleans and was distressed at the fact I could not take all the dogs loose back with me. I am just beginning to turn my interest into Pet Portraits. Just wanted to let you know how great your book was.

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