Saturday, May 31, 2008

Will Hillary ever explain herself?

Apparently the Democrat party has reached an agreement regarding the delegates from Florida and Michigan, where Clinton and all the other candidates had agreed not to campaign due the the state party officials violating the rules in scheduling their primaries. Yet Hillary and her supporters are still disappointed. The question I have is: Has Clinton ever explained why she was once FOR stripping those states of their delegates? If the issue is, as she claims, one of voters rights, equality, etc., then why did she sign on to the plan to begin with? And what, aside from her need for those votes, changed her mind?

She has really devolved into a hideous, selfish figure. At least she knows how to hold her liquor.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pit bull ban in Ohio

I had been under the impression that Ohio was experiencing hard economic times, and perhaps even some crime issues. Apparently I've been misled, because the State Legislature there is planning to spend the taxpayers money on a pit bull ban rather than any kind of economic stimulus package. I'll be posting more details of the legislation and who to write to, but I want to make sure I've got all the information in place. If the ban takes effect, the dogs will be exterminated within 90 days and police will have the right to search the house of anyone who they suspect might have a pit bull. Aside from the insane diversion of the police force, the state will need to be ready to defend themselves in countless lawsuits. And no one will be any safer.

Assassination threats are hilarious on Fox News

In this clip, Liz Trotta giggles as she suggests it would be great if "we" could assassinate both Osama and Obama. In case you are wondering who she is and why she's even on the news, she does indeed work for Fox after previously working for the Washington Times, the conservative, Moonie-financed paper. You can contact her current bosses: Teri Everett,; also Petition: