Still waiting for mail delivery in New Orleans

I've just returned from my tour of the Northeast, and discovered that the US Post Office still doesn't know how to deliver mail in New Orleans. Or maybe they just aren't interested. So all of the various paychecks and reimbursements I've been expecting have been returned as "undeliverable." Yet, I do receive junk mail, priority mail, and magazines. The only thing returned to sender is anything in a regular first class envelope: in other words, checks and bills, which all get rejected at the central post office distribution center. My local PO has tried to clear this problem up several times--not just for me but also for the many other people who have been living in the lower Ninth for the past...nearly two years. But the USPS still wants to insist that our houses are unoccupied.

So, my checking account is empty, and I have to find some other way of getting freelance income delivered. I'm getting a sense that they really don't want us living here.


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