Monday, February 27, 2012

I've got a new book coming out (and still have a spare Rottweiler)

I've been so busy getting the manuscript ready for a new book that my blogging has slowed to nothing--and even my Tweeting and Facebooking have become scarce. Hopefully that will all change as I begin to shift gears to work on something entirely new and different.

My new book, coming out on October 16th, is called I'm a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America's Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet And yes, it is about pit bulls. Penguin Books is putting it out, and it is remarkably close to the book I wanted to do five years ago, but at that time the subject of pit bulls was still too risky. (One publisher at the time told me that people on their editorial board threatened to quit if the book was published.) Things have changed. Not only is Penguin committed to this book, but also Knopf has signed up Bronwen Dickey for a pit-centric book of her own, due a few years from now.

I'll share the story of the roundabout way this book suddenly landed in my lap, but in the meantime, here's the cover: