In German Translation: "Why We Stay" in Neue Rundschau

Last summer, as I was preparing to move, among other dramas, I got an email from an editor at the German magazine Neue Rundschau, asking if I would contribute an essay about New Orleans for a special issue titled "True Colors of America." Of course I said yes, even though the deadline was more or less immediately. I sent a piece in, titled "Why We Stay," and then forgot about it. And then remembered and wondered if they were indeed going to include it.

On Monday I received the issue, in which I am in embarrassingly good company, including: Scott Bradfield, Lydia Davis, Stephen Elliott, Nell Freudenberger, Allen Ginsburg, Andrew Sean Greer, Matt Groening, John Haskell, Jack Kerouac, Chuck Klosterman, Jonathan Lethem, Barry Lopez, Lydia Millet, Richard Nash, Richard Powers, Joe Sacco, Art Spiegelman, Wells Tower, William T. Vollmann and Lawrence Weschler, among others.

The issue includes a map that pinpoints the location of each writer. And the editors thoughtfully included a set of the original manuscripts, so that contributors who can't read German can still share each others work.

You can buy a copy, or look at the full table of contents, at the Fischer Verlag website.


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