Two trials: Micheal Vick and Tammy Grimes

I have to say, I'm really kind of over the whole Micheal Vick ordeal and it has nothing to do with all the hate mail I get from his supporters. Vick was sentenced yesterday to a little less than two years in jail, which seems like a lucky break to me considering that this wasn't a case of "just" killing few dogs. There was also illegal gambling, illegal dogfighting, refusing to cooperate, refusing to take responsibility, and a positive drug test. Some people are complaining that the sentence was too harsh. I think it was on the light side of things. Now let's all move on and pay some attention to the other criminals out there.

The dogs seized are making their way to new homes. A large group of them just got cleared to move to the Best Friends sanctuary in Utah. I'm hoping to meet the dogs sometime in the next year. (And, speaking of Best Friends, I'll be doing a few webinars with them in the coming weeks.)

Meanwhile, in Hollidaysburg, PA, Tammy Grimes goes on trial tomorrow. Tammy is the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, and she was arrested over a year ago after unchaining a dog that had been left unattended and unfed for quite a while. It was there so long, in fact, that Tammy contacted the police and had them accompany here when she went on the property to get the dog. She was subsequently arrested and charged with theft, among other things.

I sat at the same table as Tammy at a Best Friends conference last year. Having read about her in the form of testimonials from animal rights supporters all over the web, I thought she might be some kind of strident, unrealistic radical. Of course, I'm nearly always wrong about these things. She was completely normal, although it is possible I don't know what normal is anymore.


Tammy is not only "normal" she is kind, compassionate, reasonable, and simply standing up for what is right. Check out and learn what you can do to help!

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