Monday, June 08, 2015

Leaving New Orleans, heading back to New York

Everyone has a complicated relationship with New Orleans, and I'm no exception.  For the past few
years, I've found the level of difficulty in living here to outweigh the benefits--because it is incredibly difficult here.  The weather is difficult.  The economy is difficult.  The degree of denial that people require in order to survive is difficult.  But when I was offered a job in New York a few months ago, my first thought was not relief but regret.  Still, I'm leaving.  And I'm excited to be going back to a city I grew up visiting and where I later attended school.  

Beginning August 3rd I'll be working in a new position with New York Animal Care and Control. And for the first time in over decade, I'll have just that one job.  You can read more about it at BarkPost.  In the meantime, I have another five weeks to find and move into a house up there with my seven dogs.  So, send your good vibes to me.