Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harold becomes art

Just weeks ago, Harold the English bulldog was wandering New Orleans with his friend Maude, wearing a dog tag stolen from a black lab that had been missing since Katrina. Now he's a work of art. Rescued by the Sula Foundation, a local pit bull group, Harold's photo made its way around the country via emails and websites and generated over $1000 in contributions toward heartworm treatment for Harold, Maude, and their friend Bandit, a white pit bull who was found alongside them. When artist Leigh Jackson saw him, she immediately asked permission to paint his portrait. The result is now available on her website, with a portion of the proceeds going toward Harold's heartworm treatment.

You can meet Harold, Maude, and Bandit this Saturday at The Sula Foundation's "Our Gang" adoption event at Canine Culture, 8110 Hampson Street, New Orleans, LA, from 11-3pm. The event will also feature adoptable dogs from The Sula Foundation and Dag's House, as well as Little Rascals movies and free lemonade. For more information, or to schedule an interview with the dogs, call Ken Foster at 504-613-7370.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some dog attacks you haven't heard about...

There's a website I won't name that devotes itself to an obsessive reporting (and misreporting) of pit bull bites. They also present, out of context, a CDC study that even the CDC refutes as being biased. So, are pit bulls really the only dogs that attack. Yesterday I spent ten minutes pulling up reports from just the past week. Here are just a few examples:

A beagle and a kelpie are blamed for a recent attack which left 20 sheep, in full superfine wool, dead and others mauled.---Albany and Great Southern Weekender, 4/9/2008

BRAVE dog attack survivor Princess Goodwin will find out what made her pet snap when she meets a famous animal psychiatrist live on GMTV. Mum-of-three and former model Princess was left needing major reconstructive surgery after her own hound savaged her in the middle of the night.And Princess, of Jewel Walk, Bewbush – who said she thought someone had 'smashed her in the face' when her greyhound ripped of part of her nose and cheek – reckoned knowing what had caused her dog's blood lust would help her sleep at night.--Crawley Observer, 9/16/08

A man has been attacked by three Boxer dogs in a Londonderry park as he tried to protect his puppy from harm.---BBC 9/9/08

HOPATCONG, N.J. - A 6-day-old Hopatcong girl attacked in her crib by the family dog has died from her injuries. Sussex County Prosecutor David Weaver said Alexis Hennessy was bitten Saturday afternoon by Shadow, a 3-year-old Husky. The infant was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later. --Newsday, 9/7/08

...Meanwhile, more details have emerged about the attack. Police said that, contrary to previous information they had released, the dog involved in the incident was an English bull terrier - not a pit-bull terrier as reported. Unlike pit bulls, English bull terriers are not subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, which gives clear instruction to owners about how they must treat certain breeds.--This is Lancashire, 9/16/08

No charges will be filed against the owners of three dogs that attacked a Clay County deputy sheriff last week in Moorhead while serving civil papers, an official said Friday. The Sept. 4 incident at 223 12th St. S. occurred at the door when Deputy Mike Honek was filing papers. Three dogs attacked the deputy and bit him in the leg...
The dogs were Catahoulas, a dog that varies from 50 pounds to 90 pounds. The breed is known to be protective of its territory and family, which it regards as its pack.--In Forum, ND 9/12/08

Police in Medford say a mixed-breed dog that charged a Medford utility worker, then chased and bit a 9-year-old boy, will be put to death.--KAJO, 9/12/08