Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good morning! It's National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day! I have no idea who started this campaign, but there are pit bull people organizing events all over the country. I'll be at Kiehl's in Chicago this afternoon with New Leash on Life, signing copies of Dogs I Have Met from noon til 3pm. And then this evening I'll be at Quimby's with Elizabeth Crane and other Chicago writers who play a part in the Chicago section of the new book. And then, following that reading, I'll be popping into a fundraiser for ARFHouse. And then...I get to go home to my pit bull to celebrate!

So, whereever you may be today, go kiss a pit bull, okay?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres and Muttgate

So now, everywhere I go people are asking what I think of Ellen DeGeneres--which gives me a break from discussing Michael Vick. I haven't been following the case as closely as some, but I certainly can see things from both sides. When I first adopted Brando, I siged the same sort of contract, agreeing to return him to the shelter if I changed my mind, or my situation changed. And each time I contacted them about anything, they asked, "Do you want to bring him back?" I kind of took it personally that they would ask.

Yet, having rescued and placed dozens of animals, I now know how it feels. You have invested yourself in getting the animal into the right home, and if things don't work out, you want to be involved in the solution.

Still, I can't help thinking that this whole thing escalated far beyond with either party intended.

The thirteenth printing

Yesterday I spoke to the Wisconsin Library Association in Green Bay and then did a reading at Readers Loft, a really terrific bookstore (with great cookies!). At the bookstore, I discovered that The Dogs Who Found Me is now in a thirteenth printing. The previous day, having returned from the west coast, I discovered that Dogs I Have Met has gone into a second printing already.

Meanwhile, I'm a little puzzled over the lack of reviews and interviews so far. Maybe its a busy month for books coming out--I've always published in the spring. But this time, last time, things were a bit busier as far as talking about the book and pit bulls on radio stations all over the country.

Of course, as long as the book is selling, maybe it doesn't matter about the rest.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the West to the Midwest

I just got back from the west coast and already I'm getting ready to head to the mid-West tomorrow morning. Things seemed to go well in San Francisco and Portland. Lots of brindle dogs showing up at the readings, lots of pit bulls, and lots of people will pictures to show me on their Blackberry devices. At The Booksmith, Dogs I Have Met is the #1 non-fiction trade paperback, above even Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. One crazy thing though: most of the listings for all my events were wrong. A friend had warned me about this; mercury is retrograde. I'm never sure how much I believe in that stuff, but in this case, it may be the only logical explanation.

Meanwhile, tomorrow (Thursday October 18) I'll be at the Wisconsin Library Assocation's annual meeting, followed by a reading at Reader's Loft in Green Bay at 7pm.

Friday I'll be doing two events in Evanston, details are at the CARE site.

Saturday I'll be with New Leash on Life at Kiehl's in downtown Chicago from 1-3pm.

And Saturday evening I'll be at Quimby's with Elizabeth Crane and others at 7pm. (Along with some dogs from ARFhouse).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pawsitively Pit Bull tonight at Powell's

I just landed in Portland and am frantically checking email before grabbing a car into the city. Today is my day to catch up on my actual life before flying home in the morning. Meanwhile, although many of the event listings have been completely screwed up (wrong day, wrong time) people have been showing up at the events so far on my tour along with a not-so-surprising number of brindle pit bulls and mutts. Photos to appear later.

Pawsitively Pit Bull, a Portland area rescue group, will be at tonights event at the Beaverton Powell's, and there will be a little get together nearby afterwards, so if you are in the area, please come. And if you want a signed copy of the book, you can order it on or call some of the stores I've visited in the last few days: Capitola Book Cafe, The Booksmith, Book Passage or Books Inc have copies in the Bay Area.