Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogging about Brando

Finally, someone else is as obsessed as I am: Novelist Cathleen Schine has a sweet little tribute to my Brando over at her blog.

Are there any other Brando bloggers out there? If you've got my dog on your blog, send me the link and I'll add you here!

Here's an old one.

Here's another featuring the new cover.

And they are barking about Brando over at the Bark blog.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"A fundraiser for the Ninth Ward"

By some total accident, I ended up in front of a TV tonight just as the horrible "K-Ville" began. I was cooking in the other room, not really paying attention, but then I kept hearing the phrase "A fundraiser for the Ninth Ward." They're having a fundraiser for the Ninth Ward. Someone gets shot at the fundraiser for the Ninth Ward. We're going to raise money for the Ninth Ward. Like its an official entity with its own checking account. And later, at anther fundraiser I think, a beautiful uptown girl is revealed to have a brother who was killed four years ago...in "the Ninth." Changing a tire. Then, just after that bit is doled out to us, a bunch of cars roll by, spray the crowd with machine gun fire and then, of course, a police car explodes.

Oh, and the uptown girl is named DuBois, of course.