Today is my birthday...

The problem with early September birthdays is that there is always something else going on: school starts, new jobs start, moving to a new home, Labor Day, etc. And this year I'm involved in all of these things, so it wasn't until yesterday that my birthday fully dawned on me, and, of course, with Labor Day being upon us, it is too late to make any plans.

The tradition here is to have everyone pin a dollar to your chest with a safety pin. So far I have twelve bucks and it isn't even 10am.

Meanwhile, over at, a bunch of pit bulls have been posting birthday greetings for me all week.


lisa in tlh said…
Love, Bumpy and Lisa
Tierre (TY-ree) said…
Happy birthday, Mr. Foster!!
Kathryn Usher said…
Sorry I missed it. Hope it was happy.

In your honor, I'll let my two dogs that like watermelon feast on it tonight for dinner. The other one will have a nibble of cheese. All of us wag our tails and salute you.

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