Announcing The Sula Foundation

Now that I'm back home, I'm getting to work on some things that have been stalled while I was out on the road. (I'm also doing several signings in the area this weekend: at the Louisiana Book Festival Saturday morning and at Maple Street Books Sunday afternoon.) But most important is this project I promised to help my dog Sula with:

Ken Foster’s dog Sula has started her own foundation, and in typical pit bull fashion, she has named the organization after herself. The Sula Foundation is dedicated to helping the community through sponsoring and facilitating free shot clinics and spay/neuter services in collaboration with neighborhood vets, community groups, and existing animal welfare groups. The Sula Foundation will also be sponsoring school programs to educate children on responsible dog care and interaction. We’re just getting started, so if you have any ideas or want to help, email us at

I'd been hoping to have the clinics up and running a month ago, but a strange thing happened when I called around town looking for a community organization that would allow us to give shots on their grounds: No one even returned the calls.

But I have the first location set now and will be announcing it soon--we'll be doing the first clinic in the lower Ninth. Maybe after that some of the other neighborhoods will invite us over to the other side of the canal.


Jackelyn said…
Wow! Congratulations. What a wonderful cause! Thank you for your work for dogs.

On behalf of our rescue pit bull, Jersey (my soul mate),


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