"48 Hours" airs a piece on New Orleans this Saturday

The CBS News Show "48 Hours" has been in New Orleans since last January, filming scenes and interviewing people for a show on the murders of Helen Hill and Dinerral Shavers, the march to city hall, and the whole crime problem. Over the course of the production, I spoke to the producers on numerous occasions, so often, in fact, that I sort forgot what they were here to do. But I will say that there's a chance that you will see me in the background somewhere. I say this because years ago I appeared in the background of a short produced segment on Oprah, and after it aired I was bombarded with calls from friends asking, "Why didn't you tell us you were going to be on Oprah?"

But please watch the show, not for the chance to see a corner of my head, but to hear from Yolanda Adams (Dinerral's mom), Nakita Shavers (his sister), his students and bandmates, as well as Jake Hill (Helen's brother), Dr. Paul (her husband) and others whose lives have been directly impacted by these crimes. It airs Saturday at 10 ET.


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