Publishers Weekly on "Dogs I Have Met": "moving and poignant"

People who follow this blog know that everything has been a bit out of sync with the publication of my latest book, from books in the stores a month early to publicity arriving a month late. I won't even mention the missing print ads. In any case, a kind publishing executive, completely unassociated with my book, just emailed me this Publishers Weekly review, which appears in their online edition for next week:

Dogs I Have Met: And the People They Found

Ken Foster. Lyons, $14.95 paper (192p) ISBN 9781599211299

In this moving sequel to his 2006 bestseller The Dogs Who Found Me,
Foster introduces readers to dogs and owners he encountered while
promoting his earlier book. In many cases, the dogs had been rescued
from death by people who had “decided that they were worth the work of
saving,” and Foster interweaves their remarkable stories with updates
on his own life and the dogs who continue to change his life in
surprising ways. The stories are as diverse as the dogs themselves,
from a woman who found a pregnant, one-eyed stray in the exact spot
where she had been involved in a car crash six years earlier that
killed her best friend, to a man certain that his adoption of a pit
bull saved him from Hurricane Katrina. Foster concludes with a more
detailed look at the animals affected by Katrina’s devastation,
including a moving tribute to the volunteers who helped give shelter to
the dogs of New Orleans. Dog lovers will welcome this new collection of
moving and poignant canine stories. (Oct.)


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