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How to Stay Sane: a newsletter

Hello from my house to yours,
I don't have to tell you what a strange and difficult time we are all having. But I did want to share with you some things that might help you occupy your time, relax, and reduce stress. We all have a lot of information available to us via the internet, but sometimes having a list helps us get to things that are right in front of us. On a stress-reduction seminar last night, Jessica Dolce reminded everyone that lists are good, helping others are good, and it is important to take some time for ourselves, breath and recognize our present surroundings. Fortunately, we nothing else to do or get to, many programs and services are being offered online, for free, or at very little cost.
Films you haven't seen
Bacurau. This film, which I wrote about recently for Bomb, opened last two weeks ago in New York and was due to play all across the country. Now it is available online for $12 with a portion of the proceeds going to Film at Lincoln Center and other ind…

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