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New book out October 9th: City of Dogs: New York Dogs, Their Neighborhoods, and the People Who Love Them

It's been quite a break.

Three years ago, I posted on this blog that I was leaving New Orleans to come back to New York City and begin a program that was to be called Community Dogs.  It quickly became Community Pets, and in our third year we will have held 16 free vaccination clinics in underserved neighborhoods in the Bronx.  We also have free dog training, a pet food pantry and other services, funded by grants awarded to the Animal Care Centers of NYC.  But, when I moved back, I also thought I might get some writing done.  Eventually.  Instead, I got Lyme disease, broke a toe, sprained an ankle, and spent down my savings.


But last summer, I pulled myself back together, with the help of some boxing classes, and got together with Traer Scott to create City of Dogs, which explores New York City's love of dogs, and the five boroughs, through their relationships with the people and communities around them.

It was an incredible, challenging experience.  But I'll be b…

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