Friday, April 21, 2006

Cesar's Chicken Soup for the Souls of the Dogs Who Found Me

The latest Bookscan list is out, and The Dogs Who Found Me is #4, just behind Cesar's Way and the dog and cat versions of the Chicken Soup books. Which has made me consider altering the title on future editions. No, not really.

The fifth printing is shipping as I type this. So if you haven't been able to get a copy, it should be in abundant supply in the next few days.

PETA's puzzling email of thanks; and my outraged response

The Dogs Who Found Me
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Readers of this blog--and of my book--are sure to know a few things: I have pit bulls and love them. And PETA has a policy that all pit bulls should be put to death. This doesn't stop them from using photos of pit bulls on their website and linking the photos to their donation page, or from inviting celebrities who own pit bulls to make public service announcements on the organization's behalf. In the past, when I've questioned their position, they've told me not to worry, because they won't take my dogs. This assumption--that I am only concerned with myself and my own dogs--suggests something of how they must think of their own world. After I appeared on NPR a few weeks ago, I got a strange email of thanks from PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. Since we are in complete disagreement, I can only conclude that she didn't actually hear the interview or read the book; or perhaps she did and it just still didn't register. While trying to decipher the meaning of her note, I went to the disguised PETA website that she references (it doesn't actually reveal their true policies, though it does solicit contributions). Imagine my surprise to discover that the site uses pit bull photos to lead visitors to the contribution page! Very ethical indeed!

On 4/6/06, Sara Chenoweth wrote:

Dear Ken,
Thank you so much for writing "The Dogs Who Found Me" and for being kind to dogs. Here at PETA, we deal with the ones who have nothing, as you will see on our website,, and you will no doubt understand what that really means. I would love to send you a couple of our magazines as you might find them useful. Please forward me a mailing address if you are interested.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

You can read my response in the comments section.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Newsweek interviewed me weeks ago and the piece is finally online today. I haven't had time to look at it aside from my photo, in which I look a little like a maniac terrorizing a pit bull puppy. (Her name was pumpkin...and I think we were both responding to a silly giant pit puppy who was just off camera).

You can read it here.

New Orleans events (finally!) this weekend

Now that I'm home for a few days in a row, I'll be doing some events around New Orleans. Please come by:

Friday, April 21 from 4pm-7pm
at Slim Goodies
3322 Magazine Street; phone 891-EGGS
Celebrate the publication of Ken Foster's "The Dogs Who Found Me" and
Sara Gran's novel "Dope" at a party to benefit the Louisiana SPCA and
The Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.  Food and drink will be
served in the back yard of Slim's, in conjunction with Lil Ray Day;
free admission, donations strongly encouraged (which means you have to
donate something, but we aren't saying how much!).
Please forward this to anyone who might be interested!!!

Saturday April 22nd
Metairie Barnes and Noble from 11-1pm with some animals from the LA-SPCA
Westbank Barnes and Noble from 2-4pm

Sunday April 23rd
Bark in the Park at Zephyr Field
bring your dog to a ball game; I'll be signing books beginning at 11:30 when the gates open, then I'll be tossing out the first ball with my dog Zephyr!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

NYC benefit raises $2000 and counting...

I read last night at Astor Place Barnes and Noble to a pretty large crowd--I'd been doubtful that people would show up on Easter Monday. But there they were, and the store sold out of the book, and at the party afterwards, we raised about $2000 for the Louisiana SPCA, although donations are still coming in.

Diane Jessup, who lives in Washington, sent someone with a copy of her book The Dog Who Spoke to the Gods. And Julia Szabo from the NY POST talked to me about her collection of old pit bull photos, which include young Steinbeck and Fred Astaire posing with their dogs. Marc Joseph, the photographer of American Pitbull, got a stack of my book to give to some of the people in his. And and Shawn Hall, my neighbor from Piety Street was in town, and bought me a Mojito and half a pizza.

Others who popped up at the reading and/or party: Amy Hempel, Sheila Kohler, Roxana Robinson, Ben Neihart, Catherine Texier, my cousin Matthew, Steve Rinehart, Matthew Sharpe, and many others. I should give you a link to each of these, but..

Now it is time to go home to the dogs!