Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Miss Mississippi seeks new home!

Miss Mississippi
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A few weeks ago, on the eve of a hurricane, I was loading a pickup with some of the first things to move to my new house in New Orleans. (An old house, actually, which I'm newly renting.)

This little kitten wandered over and wouldn't leave, so she hitched a ride down to the Big Easy, spent the night at a party in a field in the Bywater, and unfortunately didn't find anyone who would take her home.

She's now staying at the LA-SPCA, where they've named her Miss Mississippi. She's a wonderful cat, very personable, playful, mellow. Please, if you know of someone who might like her, visit the LA-SPCA Website or stop by their office today. And if you can't take her, consider making a contribution to all the work they do for her and many others. (Including low cost vet care for people who can't afford it.)

Meanwhile, my dogs and I will be moving in, finally, on Friday. I've ordered up--this embarrassing--a bone shaped cake from Three Dog Bakery to welcome them to town.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Six Feet Under: Is Nate Dead?

OK, I got into Six Feet Under late-the end of last season. Then, after my own near death experience in December, I rented the DVDs of the early seasons and became obsessed. most people I know, the first episodes of this current season seemed slow, obvious, repetitious. The storylines seemed fractured and disjointed. And, more than anything else, Nate's latest round of soul-searching made me want to wring his neck. "I hope this means that he's going to die from that brain thing," I told a friend. That's the only thing that could make his ongoing uncertainty interesting.

And so tonight he slept with the Quaker chick and apparently dropped dead. No scenes from the next episode...why? Because he's dead or because he isn't.

Oh, if he's NOT dead, and this was just a tease--there will be hell to pay.