Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pit Bulls Celebrate in New Orleans

IMG_0630, originally uploaded by kfoz.

Last night I had a party to celebrate the publication of "Dogs I Have Met" and to celebrate the pit bulls of New Orleans. The Hot 8 Brass Band played like crazy (you can see the exhausted look on their faces) and they brought some of their dogs. And Gloria Dauphin came from the LA-SPCA brought her dog; and ARNO came with some of their recent adoptees. And families came with their dogs. And some people, like me, let their dogs stay at home.

That's me in the yellow shirt, ruining another great picture. If you are wondering why the dogs seem a bit restrained, it is all because of Queenie, who was doing a crazy dance behind me. Queenie is the queen of the Hot 8, and looks almost exactly like my Sula, which is how this whole plan for a party got started....

More photos to come; meanwhile, at, Dogs I Have Met is in the Top 5.

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