Saturday, October 25, 2008

Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day...

and I've been so aware of pit bulls lately that I almost didn't do anything for today. But then I wrote an editorial for the Times-Picayune, which appears today. It addresses some of the complex issues regarding the Boudreaux dogfighting case, which was dismissed by a judge last week, over three years after a bust that resulted in all of their dogs--over fifty pit bulls--being euthanized.

But, of course, the case is far more complicated than can be expressed in a 600 word editorial, and one of the things that fascinates me is that I find myself questioning each side of the case. A few other things that I couldn't fit in:

1. One of my friends owns a Boudreaux dog named Cornbread. He's fourteen years old and we just photographed him in the corner booth of a popular diner for our calendar.
2. Part of the evidence in this case involved dogfighting paraphernalia. If someone raided my home, they would find many of these same items: a break stick (packed away in a box somewhere); dogfighting literature (for research, really!); canine medical supplies; and even a pit bull who appears to have scarring on her face.
3. The Boudreaux family attended my pit bull friendly publication party last year--but never identified themselves to me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More puppies!

The population of unwanted pit bulls, even the the puppy form, shows no sign of slowing down. Meet Roseanne and her sister Lucinda, abandoned in a backyard at about seven weeks old. They're in the midst of getting their vaccinations and will eventually be up for adoption via The Sula Foundation. Speaking of Sula, I was in Whitney Bank yesterday, waiting in line to make a deposit into the Sula account to cover heartworm treatments for some of our rescued pits, and overheard the bank manager talking to the security guard in her glass-walled office. "I don't trust anyone's pit bull," she said. Of course, I immediately began to eavesdrop. The security guard noticed me eavesdropping and asked if I needed something, so I stuck my head in and said, "Did I hear someone say something about pit bulls?" The was a pause and then the manager said, "No." "Oh," I said, "I thought I heard someone say something about pit bulls." "No," she said, "we were just talking about animals in general." "Well, I work with pit bulls," I said, "so it got my attention." No one said anything else, and I excused myself, wondering if it was time to change banks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No lipstick required

Here's an amazing Bad Rap pit bull performing some yoga moves in what looks like the hallway of Oakland Animal Services.