Home for the holidays

Wink and Rocky, originally uploaded by kfoz.

I'm in PA for a few days with my family, which means that Rocky is here too. Rocky (the dog in this photo) is my sister's dog, and is featured in "The Odd Couples" in my new book Dogs I Have Met. With him in this photo is Doodle (aka Wink) the cat he's obsessed with and loves to lick. She doesn't seem so pleased, does she?


Big Sis said…
In case anyone needs to know - Rocky doesn't lick Doodle as much as he used to when she was small. But she is still "his" cat, and he likes to play with her, which involves chasing her and wapping her flat with his paw. She goes through several rounds of this before finally taking off, so we have to assume she enjoys it up to a point.

She was named Wink because we thought she was going to be one-eyed; she was a mess of a farm kitten when we got her (do not EVER rescue farm cats, they are the most expensive pets ever). She didn't lose the eye, but it's clouded over. And she is a complete doodlehead, thus the name change.

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